'Serendipity' - Silver and Spessartine Garnet Ring

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This elegant little sparkler is really extra special and I cannot emphasise enough how much I love it! So elegant, so edgy due to its shape and positioning of the spessartine garnet... and yes, THAT stone. It's the most beautifully unique hue, somewhere between a golden-orange-yellow-green with a fire within that cannot be described, it's that marvellous. Its warm glow is set off perfectly by the cool, textured silver and I'd go so far as to even suggest for it to be an alternative engagement ring. So this is how much I adore it. It would look amazing worn with my 'Apocalypse Soul Sister I' ring, for example, to produce a most striking (and truly alternative wedding) combo. Just a thought... By itself, it is exactly the kind of ring for those who do not follow but make their own rules! This ring comes in size N/54/7 (UK/Europe/US) and is a generous fit.