'As You Are' - Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Open Ring

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Sometimes, it all starts with a conversation... Inspired by the story a client told me during a consultation for a bespoke piece, it got me thinking about how sometimes it's the little things that make a difference for the better. This softly hammer-textured silver ring, studded with 14k yellow gold for a rich contrast, is open and can be manipulated to fit exactly how you want it on any given day... or finger! It shines bright on any day, even when life is tougher than you'd like it to be. Perhaps a gentle reminder that, with a little ingenuity and adaptability, much can still be achieved. It's also worth remembering that you don't have to be a certain way to express who you truly are. You can do you and there is no need to limit yourself to anything less! This ring is ONE SIZE FITS ALL.