Established in 2018, NDS Jewellery produces highly individual statement jewellery for the discerning wearer who has something to say. All pieces are lovingly handmade in my workshop somewhere in West Cork, Ireland, by myself - Nicole Duranton Sigl.

Personally, I see jewellery as armour of sorts, a way of (self) projection as well as interaction: to show who you are, how you feel, what you want. It is about playfulness and not taking fashion or trends too serious but rather doing your own thing and finding your own style, regardless. I want to bring together contrasts, surprise with unexpected details and make people smile. I like creating timeless classics with a twist, including references to bygone knowledge and bringing the ridiculous together with the dignified. In my opinion, all those things need not be irreconcilable differences. I try to translate what inspires or interests me at any given time into jewellery: music, sound, sea, sky, travels, the list goes on...

Ultimately, I hope to make jewellery that stays with people, long after disposable fashion pieces are discarded or forgotten. I find there is a sense of continuation and adaptability about jewellery, an evolution from spontaneously being drawn to a piece and maybe later wearing it in different ways than originally planned or even passing it on as heirloom pieces which is particularly relevant for commissioned jewellery. It needs to be covetable but I want there to be an element that stays relevant. Whimsical, dainty, brazen, dashing: it can all be there in various aspects of a piece.

This is what jewellery making is for me as well: it’s raw, delicate on a hidden level, rough around the edges, imperfect and more beautiful for it, it shows the beauty previously hidden or less obvious. I want to bring out the beauty that I see in my working materials for everyone to enjoy. And I hope to do exactly that for clients, show off their own kind of beauty, their character rather than their physical attributes. I love to watch and observe people and try to figure out what would look good on them and what they would like to wear. The idea is to put a twinkle in people’s eyes rather than to simply put sparkle on their bodies.