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Welcome to my new website and shop

Posted by Nicole Duranton Sigl on

Hello and a big hearty welcome to this exciting new venture, my own website and online shop! Thank you for stopping by, I really hope you enjoy the experience.

So, what's the story? In the beginning it seems best to explain how I intend to work things around here, for those who are curious about my motivation and the way I do business.

Let's start with the basics! Since I am essentially a one woman enterprise, I work on every aspect of this venture myself. While there is great comfort in knowing exactly what is going on and staff meetings are mostly productive (ha!), this occasionally also means that time is not always on my side. Moreover it means that, despite my best efforts to be a contemporary renaissance woman (I wish!) and all round multi talent, not everything comes naturally for me and some things, most specifically this website, require a bit more patience - mine as well as yours. So please bear with me while I continue to improve this experience for you! Some bits are still work in progress and merely need a little more time to get right. Eventually, I hope you'll find it was worthwhile checking back in with me every now and then. 

Things in motion to look out for: products will continuously come and go, more (and even better) photos will be added, favourites/highlighted items will change regularly, any news will be shared here and blog posts will be written whenever I have thoughts relevant for this platform. For brief glimpses and insights into my life as a maker, I recommend you also keep an eye on my Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages. That is where most news, such as giveaways, for instance, will be shared first. There have been some covetable prizes in the past, so make sure you are not missing out...

Speaking of prizes/prices, perhaps that's another issue I might as well address right away. I always offer prices that are as affordable as possible but also fair for me as a craftsperson. If people do not see the value in what I make, then perhaps it is not for them and that is ok, too. This is about respect more than anything. I spend a lot of time thinking up and doing my work and inspiration of all sorts goes into it. Although people might not necessarily be aware of it they effectively buy a back-story with every piece of NDS Jewellery. After all, it is narrative jewellery that I make and sharing, gifting, wearing something handmade, truly meaningful is priceless in itself. So please respect that and do not attempt to haggle. There will be sales or similar down the line, I am sure, but otherwise prices are as stated.

To end on a more pleasant note, if there are topics you would like me to write about here, please feel free to let me know! I'll be happy to oblige your curiosity and interests, as I see fit. Should you wish to talk about a potential commission, do not hesitate either, it costs nothing to ask and starting a conversation does not mean you'll have to go ahead with it, if timing or circumstances aren't right for you, whatever the reason may be. A chat or an exchange of ideas aren't binding.

So, please do get in touch! I look forward to many intriguing projects, good laughs, as well as getting to know you, finding out what you would like. Life is all about sharing those stories and precious moments, and I am here to listen to as well as create for you.

Thank you for reading, kindest,

Nicole x