Pursuit of Freedom...

Posted by Nicole Duranton Sigl on


Hey lovely Folks,

How are you holding up this autumn? It’s getting darker, fresher, and that bit more miserable outside, isn’t it? You know what though…? I still love this time of year, despite suffering from weather-induced migraines lately and a weird kind of brain fogginess claiming some of my time. Such is life, I guess. I won’t let that spoil my enjoyment of the season, that much is for certain. Can you tell that I am truly trying to embrace my own, natural imperfections as well as those of the world at large? I am inclined to look for harmony in all my current pursuits. There is variation in nature and I need variation in my work to preserve a sense of contentedness with what I create. Which is why I also need to work on things other than jewellery to keep my mind open. And that’s what I have been doing, giving time to some of my other creative projects. In the past, I thought and even wrote about how I might introduce some of these things into my range of creations available for purchase… and I might still do it down the line, as I see fit. For the time being though, I simply enjoy making art that nobody has asked me to make. 

So much for my past few weeks: creating, foraging, walking, cooking/baking, reading, work, life. Not much swimming and yoga as my headaches are currently getting in the way of that, but hopefully I get back to both soon when it feels right again. In the meantime, as I slowly withdraw yet travel is still not on the horizon, I really find that I return within myself. There I discover a whole world to explore. How do I design, create, live my own freedom now when I am still not going anywhere? The answer is that I try to find myself in the hidden depths of my own thoughts. I stare out the window a lot these days, look at the sky, watch clouds, or close my eyes while soaking up the remaining rays of autumn sun. I write. I don’t judge my work at present. If anything, I am simply curious where it will take me next. For now, I am just happy with the “good enough” and have lost interest in the seemingly “better”. Done is better than perfect. Wabi-sabi. I think back to my time in Japan and now I get it. Timing and time really are of the essence…

Slowly, slowly I work towards acceptance. Of past experiences (good and bad), people, myself. It’s about freedom to vs. freedom from. The latter corresponding to my current state of mind. Either way, I am free to decide and I am beyond grateful for that. I may not go anywhere in particular with this but I don’t mind. It makes sense to reduce, opt out, stay away, say little, experiment, recalibrate. I unlearn some things and relearn others. Even though family life is making it a bit tricky these days, I seek solitude where possible. Little pockets of more or less alone time in between lots of cosy time together, with plenty of snuggles to warm the soul.

It’s this sense of calm uneventfulness that I wrap around me like a warm blanket. The past is done, the future is not here yet. I simply am present, with most of my worries put aside for a little while. They are sure to find me again but in the meantime I’ll play hide and seek for a bit longer. Nothing wrong with that, don’t you think? Plenty of interesting books, movies, music, and crafts where I hide… so all is well.

There you go, this was a quiet piece of my mind for November. No worries, I’m still trading in Skibbereen on Saturdays (follow my social media for real time updates on a weekly basis) and working away behind the scenes on your commissions. My book is closing now (with the start of November) though, so bear that in mind to avoid disappointment. 

As always, thank you to everyone for reading along! I might see some of you one of these Saturdays at my market stall before I disappear into full hibernation until spring. So don’t forget, if you need me, the time is now.

With warm November hugs and lots of revolutionary love,
Nicole x