Panta rhei - Everything flows. Nothing ever is, everything is becoming... Bit of a weird blog post.

Posted by Nicole Duranton Sigl on

Hello folks,

How are you keeping? It's Sunday, the February weather is stormy and leaving the house seems rather uninviting. Adventure is never far from my mind though. So how do you feel about coming on a little journey with me? Don't worry, no suitcase packing required... It'll be a thought journey, if you will. Are you still with me? Yes? Let's go!

For starters, did I ever tell you that (in what feels like a previous life to me now) I studied philosophy? I know, talk about random facts about me... Anyway, I really did and ancient Greek as well as Latin are handier than you'd think in daily life. So panta rhei means 'everything flows', a phrase commonly associated with philosopher Heraclitus, although he never actually said it. However, it's the general thought concept that I'm after so I won't go into too much detail here. After all, this isn't a philosophy lesson, given that you're probably already wondering where I am going with this... Bear with me.

So, where am I going? Well, it's actually a good thing that my mind has a tendency to wander, that my head is more often than not in the clouds (see my Instagram stories for regular #cloudwatching sessions), and that I disappear every now and then from my daily grind. Why, I hear you ask, and what does this have to do with jewellery!? More than you think. For me, making and thinking intrinsically go together and I need a healthy balance between the two to be able to work. Admin and bureaucracy bore me to death, so for me that doesn't count as thinking as regards my occupation, it's merely a necessary evil. There, I've said it. No offence intended, on the contrary, I admire people who can skilfully and happily put their mind to it. That's just not me, is all.

I have to weirdly stare into the middle distance, explore the outmost corners of my (sub)consciousness over a cup of tea that gets cold without me even noticing, need to wander off on my own and get lost in thoughts too complex and wild to ever recount or share. That's how I process the world. Just because my mind is a busy place, full of winding roads and I am on a never-ending journey that doesn't allow for regular company much. In short, I am a conscious over thinker, have an anti-social tendency that I need to indulge every so often and, let's be fair, I'm probably a bit... "off" or difficult, as a person. Sometimes. Maybe.

All in order to function and to create, so perhaps that can pass as an explanation. And this is where my jewellery making comes in, I suppose. It's a creative outlet. One of the (too) many things I do. There is the 'reasonable' aspect of it, ie. the market preparations and the setup, the website, aforementioned business admin... and there is the 'crazy' aspect of it, the blood, sweat and tears. The inspiration behind everything, the thoughts, the adventures, the narrative! And this, my friends, is what I have been putting at the forefront these past few weeks. While the 'reasonable' aspect of NDS Jewellery was on a kind of autopilot, I needed to put the 'crazy' back in - by thinking, rather than making.

Which leads me back to philosophy. Plato said that nothing ever is, that everything is becoming. So, while there was a sale and some of my jewellery is still available in the online shop now, I have moved on in thought. What will I do next? And, more importantly, how will I go about it? I promised to write more about this for those who care to read, and here it is: what Nicole did next. I have decided to make less. Not because I don't love it, on the contrary, I love it more than ever. In order to keep loving what I do, I have to be able to enjoy making. If it becomes merely a struggle to sell, sell, sell... that is not my thing, it kills my creativity and my drive.

I had to remind myself these past few weeks that I don't have to do things a certain way. I need to be able to create with passion and to maintain that passion I need to keep learning, and making - slowly. People don't choose my jewellery because they have to. They do because they want to. And that's exactly how it has to be for me: I need to want to make. Clients may have high expectations but my own are even higher. To fulfil them is a priceless feeling.

To come back from this little thought journey: you can expect me to slow down. You can expect me to do more commission work. You can expect me to continue honing my skills. You can expect me to work on my other passion projects. You can expect me to go on many more adventures. I hope you understand me, the person behind NDS Jewellery a bit better now, why I don't always do as I'm told or as you'd expect. For better or for worse, I can only do 'me'. I need to be the one who writes my own narrative, I need to be the 'heroine of my own life' (sound familiar?). It's not always an obvious thing to do, it may not always make sense for anyone but myself... but the good news is: that's ok, it doesn't have to.

So there. This is what I can share with you at this stage. Stay in touch via Instagram/Facebook for more glimpses into my daily madness... for some #kitchenbanter and what have you not... I promise to keep you in the loop, my creative journey is nowhere near the end, as far as I can tell.

Thank you for being part of my adventures, with love,

Nicole x