New Year. Still Me. Happy.

Posted by Nicole Duranton Sigl on

Happy New Year, folks! The champagne glasses are barely empty and we're already into the second week of January, can you believe it... Everywhere around me, I notice the usual buzz of resolutions, (self)improvement hype and a frankly depressing amount of adverts suggesting just how "wrong" everything is with us, our bodies, our minds. I won't go into how much this bugs me but instead focus on the positive aspects of January - the way I see it.

In my workshop, it's the start of another year in which I'm able to do what I love, also thanks to you. So another MASSIVE THANK YOU to all my faithful clients and loyal supporters, it means so much. You really amaze me! You decided not only to take an interest in me and my jewellery but also to choose some of said pieces for yourselves or as presents for your loved ones.

This makes me think that, together, we're on to something here. Instead of continuously allowing ourselves to be told what to do/like/look like and to be put down with negative messages about the way we look or feel, we're ok with as well as unapologetic about who we are or think to be. It may be a new calendar year but it's absolutely fine that we're still ourselves. And happily so! Personally, I don't feel the need to become another person as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve because I'm quite convinced within myself that, altogether, I'm actually grand.


Yes, there's always room for improvement, learning and change. That, however, does not mean there's something fundamentally wrong with the way how I am/feel/look now, as seemingly the entire advertising world would have me think. In this spirit, here's my way of helping you out just a little this January... my contribution to your sense of wellbeing, if you will... A STOCK CLEARANCE SALE to make it that bit easier (on your wallets, too!) to express yourself, your style and personality.

The sale section with a whooping 50% discount will be live on the website from Sunday the 12th at 6pm to Friday the 31st, 12 noon (Irish time). 

Do check it out! This is your second chance to pick up the items that you might have missed the first time around... and a perfect occasion to indulge in a bargain (or two... who's counting!?). But be smart now! It's genuinely the last opportunity to purchase these pieces before they must make way for different designs in the year ahead. So get in there, no regrets!

Well, I've put it out there, now the choice is yours. I say, make the most of every opportunity this year, continue to be who you are aspiring to be and dare to be different, whatever that might mean for you. In short, be your own kind of wonderful, don't be afraid of who you truly are and simply allow yourself to love what you love. Jewellery may just be one facet of this but, hey, it's as good a place to start as any, if you ask me.

With love, gratitude and confidence in you,

Nicole x