Lockdown Lessons

Posted by Nicole Duranton Sigl on

Hello hello Folks, how are you doing?

For my part, I'm still out here... despite growing a bit more quiet on my social media of late. I hope you don't mind when that happens, every now and then. You see, the way how things are going in this world I came - yet again - to question my purpose, my reason for being here and/or for keeping going. I thought about where I stand in all of this, ie. where my business stands in times of a global pandemic, of unrest, of inequality and injustice. In times of, well... actually, NOW. As in right now. Can and should I keep going? Do I feel like it at all? The short answer is: yes. The marginally longer one is as follows...

Yes, I am ok to continue even though I didn't for a while and still don't always feel like it. Yes, I'm allowed to take up "space" in this world, in this business. Yes, I'm worthy as a human being and "allowed" as a designer/maker to put myself out there, even now. Yes, what I do, what I create, my work - it's important because it brings joy. To myself and others. And yes, it's been important for me to remember that. 

So much for my reasoning on the one hand. On the other hand, as was bound to happen, there are A LOT of things going wrong in this world we all inhabit but, sadly, do not share equally. A LOT. I won't pretend that I am the most competent person to explain it, nor do I have any perfect answers to offer you. What I do have, however, is my conscience that tells me I must, at the very least, make it clear that I am against racism (of any kind) and that I won't stand for inequality ever. Those who know me in real life know about my involvement and activism locally, as well as in the different countries I previously lived in. I'm not one to shout about it much, except when I feel it can't be helped, mostly because it's never about me. I may be fine but others are not. I'd like to change that and sometimes I can contribute in my own, small ways. Sometimes I am reduced to despair, confronted with the limits of what one person can realistically achieve. Despair rarely stops me from trying but, of course, it's never enough. There's a lot to be done, locally as well as globally.

So why do I write this now? I'm not jumping on any bandwagon, no hashtags here, no lectures. It's not my place, nor is this the platform for it. It's merely my space to provide you with context for my work and if the sh*t hits the fan globally, it affects me. For what it's worth, I stand in solidarity with those oppressed because of their skin colour, gender, sexuality, age, faith or situation in life. We are all human beings under the same sun, moon and stars. We should support each other. It could be as simple as it sounds. It starts with each and everyone of us, especially the lucky/privileged ones (myself included), whoever and wherever we are, whatever we do. We can all do something. What do you think? Everyone can help others in some way or other and, here's the fantastic bit: we needn't wait! How about you find your way and then, well, just do it!? Please?

Glad we agree. On a waaaaaaaaay more trivial note and while we're at it... Apart from learning and further educating myself on the aforementioned important matters, I also found that I learnt a lot of other bits... stuff that, during lockdown, has occupied me at various stages to varying degrees. Again, neither serious (at all, in fact) nor world changing stuff... just a few ridiculous bits, my personal lockdown lessons, if you will. Random and in no particular order either:

  • I'm not a primary school teacher
  • I'm not a hairdresser either and have possibly traumatised my family for life (dog included)
  • I swear a lot, apparently (if you see any connection to the previous points then that is your conclusion, OKAY?)
  • there actually is enough time, I just don't enjoy house cleaning all that much...
  • there actually is enough time, I just don't enjoy (actively) gardening all that much... (let's face it, I prefer beer gardening)
  • I don't seem to mind dishwashing that much (the dishwasher gave up after the first few days of lockdown and I mostly don't miss it)
  • apparently there is such a thing as too much (cake) eating. Who knew!?
  • my family is (too) loud
  • my pets are basically furry little divas who have secretly taken over the house while I was busy doing other things
  • I am a night owl
  • I don't sleep enough (don't see any connection between this and the previous point? Yeah... me neither.)
  • I have stopped dyeing my hair end of January and am slightly obsessed with the process of going grey (although I started having grey hair in my late teens already); it feels "scary" but also liberating to let go
  • I am extremely restless because I can't travel and, in my mind, have researched/planned enough holidays to cover pretty much the rest of my life (if you need travel itineraries/suggestions, get in touch)

There, these are my utterly unimportant lockdown lessons, just for a laugh. What do we live for if we can't even laugh at ourselves anymore? Let's not take ourselves too seriously, might be a good starting point... I'll leave this with you now. Just please note that both the fundamentally important stuff as well as the trivial tidbits come straight from my head and heart. They are not meant to give offence to anyone. I'd serve my lockdown lessons with a smile, a cuppa and a warm cookie, fresh from the oven if I could but... alas...

Don't worry though, I can still send you virtual hugs, creative vibes and happy thoughts - my latest newsletter will be out directly!  If you enjoy my writing as well as my jewellery and fancy being "in the know", I suggest you sign up - if you haven't already. In the meantime, I'll be off to eat some of those cookies, thinking of you all, of course :)

Stay safe and be kind, we're all in this together.

One love,

Nicole x