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Capturing Crafterthoughts.

Posted by Nicole Duranton Sigl on

Hello Folks,

How are we? Now that we have actually made it into a new year, it does make at least some sense to think about what 2022 could be like. For me, it’s never about a new-ness per se but rather about adjusting what’s already there, until it feels just right or in balance again. No, I’m not talking about fad diets, fitness regimes and anything else of the kind that’s being marketed the hell out of in January. NO WAY. Quite the contrary, for me it’s all about soul mending. Together with my little clan, we had some lovely family time, mostly either outdoors seeking adventure as well as calm in nature or indoors being craftsy and making art for no reason other than to have fun. I cooked up a storm and it truly makes me so happy to share family recipes and traditions with the next generation. “Homemade with love” genuinely means something in my house. Together, we lovingly created another season full of memories to eventually become part of our family lore. In short, we made the most of the holidays and now, as my gang return to school and work, I claim back time for just myself which is much needed, too.

I have hinted at a chain of change for a while now and 2022 really seems to be starting off on that note. My anxiety of meaning has, albeit not entirely evaporated, at least subsided for the time being, to the point where I feel I can create things again, without resentment. I am relishing this creative re-set, brought on by a gradual take over of my various creative pursuits other than jewellery making. As I cannot stress enough, while my business is me, I am so much more than “just” my business. At this moment in time, I am simply happy with my art and craft practice, and although I think about jewellery daily, I am not (yet) back to making any. I am consciously not going back to my workbench until I have sorted myself out first. That’s where the soul mending comes into play. I really need to figure some personal stuff out before I want to work on all my ideas. For now, it’s ok to let them float in and out of my mind as they will. Occasionally, I write them down or sketch them out and that is good enough for me.

My creations are evolving, as is my persona. This continuous evolution indicates that I no longer care much if my work is easily relatable. Yes, it’s a nice feeling when people “get” it but, at the end of the day, I simply seek to develop a more personal and creative expression, pushing the limits a little bit more each day. It’s good for me, you know? Ultimately, I guess it could be said that my creative signature is moving on. The average person might not always be able to appreciate my work but I never said that my creations are for average people, did I? I question whether my jewellery will ever reach a more general audience, especially since I never was and don’t intend to become a slave of social media and its endless string of fads that neither inspire nor interest me in the least. Don’t expect to see me succumb to silly reels, tiktoks and what-have-you-nots merely to “stay relevant”, as it’s often put. I am relevant as I am. No amount of followers (or lack of, ha!) will turn me into someone I am not and do not want to be. I don’t owe the world “content”. And who needs any more craftspeople sing (dance/point/beg/do other weird or creepy stuff) for their supper, I ask you!? Least of all for free. I do not work for free. That won’t change either.

So I won’t sell out and I won’t give up. I’ll just keep moving on with my creative life and seek to go with the flow. Let’s see where it takes me next, shall we? Of course I know, to an extent, what’s coming up but I won’t let that bother me at present. These next few weeks are just for me, doing what I like best, not showing or telling or announcing anything to anyone because there is no need. I’m done explaining and I am tired of making anyone understand who does not need to in the first place. In fact, the thing I have sat down to tell you in this post is, that it might be my last on here for a while (or at all). I am writing more than ever but I believe that my writing style, creations and “content” [ha!] have outgrown this commercial platform. That is why I am taking it elsewhere! I have been pondering over a new format and direction for a while now and am working on setting this up. It may take a while but hopefully not too long either. Fingers crossed! The transition phase may be a bit awkward but if you’re in need of my lovely jewellery, you can simply place an order with me directly, via WhatsApp, email, DMs, etc. Savvy?

For now, don’t let the January hype fool you into anything you don’t want to do and just be yourself, as you actually want to be! My thoughts and best wishes are with everyone who is on their way to recover, mend, and restore their health (both physical and mental), you’ll get there in your own time, be patient with yourself and don’t loose heart. Every cloud has a silver lining, I really believe that and have found it to be true time and time again. 

Until we get together again, please stay in the loop [as part of my online clan, you know the drill], or reach out if you feel like it. It’s always lovely to hear from you, even while I’m hibernating.

Here’s to a healthy and happy year ahead, with all my love and thanks for reading,
Nicole x